Lithuania is proud of having preserved the rural wisdom and culture. The Horse museum, which glorifies the Anykščiai region recalls us that we all are the descendants of rural cultivators, which do not renounce their origin. This is where the crafts that glorify Lithuania revise: blacksmith hammering the horseshoe, bedspread ornaments are born in the weaver‘s machine, wheelwright bending the willow bow.

The museum presents rural crafts – weaver, ceramicist and bread baker, blacksmith, jeweler, wood carver.

In museum’s ethnographic homesteads educational programs “Daily bread” take place. There one can get acquainted with important symbol of ethnic culture – the way of bread, from rye seeding to the slice of bread. Each is given a unique opportunity to form and bake your own piece of bread in the rural furnace, everyone is invited to taste dishes of the village.

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